Unison IPA

When the nation craves IPA beer, our fearless brew­master sets out to dis­cover the incredibly deli­cious aroma of hops. After numerous bitter tasting ses­sions, our master even­tually finds himself at the doorstep of aro­matic hops, releasing an enchanting flavor. Unison India Pale Ale offers a har­mo­nious taste expe­rience of five dif­ferent hop vari­eties. In your glass, you’ll dis­cover refreshing notes of grape­fruit, gentle pine, and del­icate resin. Vegan / Carbon-neutral / Pro­duced with wind power.


vesi, ohra­mallas, humala, hiiva. 
Ingre­di­enser: vatten, kornmalt, humle, jäst.
Ingre­dients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast.